Spread the Word with Awareness Bracelets

As low as $0.20 per bracelet

Looking for a creative and effective way to raise awareness for your cause or brand? Awareness bracelets are a perfect tool to get people talking, establish recognition, and initiate action. We make it easy to custom design bracelets for your cause.

Customized awareness wristbands are effective because they are fashionable, they prompt people to ask questions, they're cheap to make in bulk quantities, and they have longevity. Using our Wristband Customizer you can design your bracelets from start to finish - choose the colors of your brand or cause, include a logo, and add a slogan or website to get your message across.

Get Custom Wristbands has created bracelets to successfully promote many brands over the years. We've also provided bracelets to help raise money and create change for a wide range of causes including:

        Cancer research
        Preventing child abuse
        Fighting poverty
        Supporting the troops
        Bullying deterrence
        AIDS education
        Autism research
        Drug abuse prevention
        Environmental responsibility
        Political change
        Foster care reform
        And many more...

Whether you are trying to educate to change attitudes or motivate those who already sympathize with your cause, raising awareness is the first step. Wristbands are a versatile and proven method for creating that awareness. They're one of the most cost effective ways to reach a broad audience at a local or national level. Disperse awareness bracelets at events for your cause and trade shows; sell them as a fundraising item; pass them out to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, customers, and associates as a gift.

All successful awareness campaigns start with a passionate person, a good idea, and a little initiative. We are happy to help turn your passion into real world change. Order your wristbands today and you'll receive them within two weeks.