Fundraising Bracelets: A Tried and True Way to Bring in the Bucks for Your Organization!

With the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” all over the Internet, you may be thinking of creative ways to raise money for your own organizations and causes. Luckily you don’t have to come up with a viral video chain letter to bring in the cash you need. We would redirect your attention to a tried and true method to spread awareness, raise funds, and get your name out there: the simple and stylish silicone wristband.

Using wristbands as a fundraising method is nothing new. The first real use of the bracelets to raise donations was the ever-popular “LiveStrong” campaign for cancer awareness and research in the early 2000’s. The campaign not only raised tens of millions of dollars, it also sparked the trend for other organizations to follow suit and in turn raise their own funds! You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a yellow silicone bracelet on somebody’s wrist! Even though the trend began over a decade ago, it is still an effective marketing and fundraising tool today.

Not only are silicone wristbands extremely inexpensive, they are very popular and people enjoy wearing them in support of a cause – ESPECIALLY if they are stylish! Fundraising bracelets can be customized to almost any design to fit the needs of your organization. Although, using wristbands for fundraising may not get you the “big bucks” or large donations from any single individual, it may encourage those that might not have been willing to donate anything to donate a small amount in exchange for a cute bracelet! Those small-dollar donations can definitely add up quickly!

Fundraising wristbands can be sold directly to individuals. Another great idea is to use them as a “ticket” in order to obtain entrance in to a fundraising event. This can be a simple system where you receive payment and the guests are required to wear the bracelet to enter and participate in activities at your event. If the bracelets you use look good and people see the value in owning one, you might also be able to sell the wristbands as souvenirs or gifts from the event.

To help encourage the sales of your fundraising bracelets, you might want to consider putting some type of catchy saying or quote on them in addition to your group’s name and logo. For example, if your organization is raising money for education you might consider a slogan like “Never Stop Learning,” or “Cancer Sucks” when collecting money for cancer research. This lends the bracelets meaning other than advertising an event or brand, which can get them to keep wearing the bracelets and continue to draw attention to your cause. When a fundraising bracelet appears to be disposable or tied to a single event, it can discourage donors from wearing them again.

Whether you choose to do some type of catchy social media tactic like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” or go with the tried and true fundraising silicone bracelet, make sure you keep your ideas fresh, creative and geared toward your audience. It’s always important to find SOME way to stand out from the crowd to give your organization that necessary edge to catch the eye (and FUNDS) of potential donors!

Customize Your Own Wristbands – 101

20140718_131145~2What goes into designing a unique, professional looking silicone bracelet? Even if you don’t think of yourself as a fashion designer, we can help you create something that will send a message and that people will want to wear.

Customizing your silicone bracelet can be quite enjoyable! There are so many choices and looks that you can get that the possibilities are basically endless! Let’s dive in to the different options available to help you figure out what suits your message and has the right personality. Then you can use our wristband customizer to create your own custom wristbands.
How many and what sizes do you need?

First off, you will probably want to figure out how many silicone bracelets you’ll need and the ages to be wearing them to make sure to get enough of the right sizes.  Sizes range from Kids (6 inch circumference) all the way up to an Adult XL (8 ¼ inch circumference).  Keep in mind that each size is considered its own order (i.e. you couldn’t order 500 Kids sizes and 500 Adult sizes and get the 1000 piece price).

What text style do you want?

After you have figured out numbers and sizes, the FUN part can begin! You can use the customizable text feature to promote any message you want.  Add a logo, brand name, a cause, or catchy slogan.

On, you are able to type in the message and customize it the way you want it including the option to put the words on the front and/or back of the band and even the inside of the band.

Let’s look at the different text styles, including the pros and cons of each:

Printed:  The Printed style is basically just a screen printing on a silicone band.

Pros: lowest prices (same price as just getting a plain colored band), can add a lot of individuality to the design, can use multiple colors, etc.  Can be used with the “skinny” band option.

Cons: the print can wear off with time and repeated use.

Debossed: The message will be engraved into the surface of the custom wristband (think of the ever-popular “Livestrong” bands).

Pros: at an additional charge, the engraved letters can be color-filled (silicone ink filling the engraved areas), high-level of durability of the message on the bracelet.

Cons: higher priced than a plain or screen printed band. Cannot be used with the “skinny” bands.

Embossed: The words will be raised up from the surface of the wristband (somewhat similar to braille).

Pros: long-lasting durability of the message on the bracelet.

Cons: no screen printing/color option (like the debossed), cannot be used with the “skinny” bands, and higher priced than a plain or screen printed bracelet.

Blank: There are no words/messages included on the band.

Pros: no need to worry about the words wearing off and the lowest prices available.

Cons: no ability to customize a message.

What band width do you like?

Once you have determined the size and text style of your custom bracelet you will want to choose the width of the band itself.  The typical size is half of an inch wide, which is considered the “standard” width.  You can also get the wristband in an inch width (which is becoming increasingly popular) as well as the “skinny” band, which is only available with printed text.  Choosing the width of the band is completely dependent on your preference.

What colors do you choose?

You have a lot of options in choosing the color of the band itself, which can range from a solid color to rainbow or camouflage or even glow-in-the-dark!  Want to make the color scheme of your logo? Does your cause identify with a particular color? You’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Keep in mind, if you are using the screen printed option or debossing with color-fill, the standard price includes one color for the message; but, you can choose multiple colors for the words on the band for an additional cost.

Anything else?

Last, but not least, our site allows you to put in any specific instructions and comments that you feel are important to your order.  We will do our best to try and accommodate your needs and requests.

So, there you have it!  You have completed your first crash course in Customized Wristbands!  We hope to be able to help you with your silicone bracelet and ensure that you get the right product for your needs.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us!

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