Moving Your Cause with Cancer Bracelets

As low as $0.20 per bracelet

Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer? Do you know anyone who has fought and recovered from some type of cancer? Have you lost a loved one to cancer? Nearly everyone can answer yes to at least one of these questions. This means efforts to raise awareness and mobilize people for the cause can have great success.

Cancer awareness bracelets are a great way to keep this important issue near the front of our minds. They can be used in connection with events such as 5k runs, or sold as a fund raiser. By sharing cancer bracelets with family and friends you remember those who struggle or have struggled to fight cancer. You can help raise money for research and to support families of people who have lost their battles with cancer. You can even help to add joy to the lives of children with terminal cancer.

Many cancers are associated with specific colors, for example, breast cancer awareness is associated with the color pink. We can help you to choose the right color wristbands for the kind of cancer for which you wish to raise awareness. Here are a few of the more common cancer awareness colors.

        Breast cancer awareness - Pink
        Ovarian cancer awareness - Teal
        Colon cancer awareness - Dark blue
        Pancreatic cancer awareness - Purple
        Lung cancer awareness - White
        Childhood cancer awareness - Gold
        Leukemia awareness - Orange
        Prostate cancer awareness - Light blue
        Cervical cancer awareness - Teal and white
        All cancers - Lavender

Fighting cancer may seem like an insurmountable task, but remember how many lives cancer has touched. Small efforts like handing out cancer bracelets can unify many people to accomplish great things. Get your bracelets now and keep up the fight!

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