In Sight and Mind with Promotional Wristbands

As low as $0.18 per bracelet

The best promotional materials are the ones people keep close. A stylish and comfortable wristband with your logo and website will keep your name in the minds of your potential supporters, partners, or patrons.

Why Custom Wristbands Make the Best Promotional Items

You can put your logo on just about anything and give it away, but that doesn't mean it will get you remembered. What makes silicone wristbands so effective for promotion?

They Have Something to Say - Silicone wristbands originally became popular as a way to make a statement. Even now, if you walk around wearing one, people want to know what cause, product, or group you are supporting. And the wearer will always have a good answer because people don't wear promotional bracelets thoughtlessly like they use key chains or pens. If that's not noticeable enough, you can always make your wristbands glitter or glow in the dark.

They're Extremely Cost Effective - As low as $0.18 per bracelet, you can't get a better bang for your buck. Think of something with the impact of a branded t-shirt, but at 1/20 the cost. The more wristbands you order the more the price goes down, and because we love our customers, there's no setup fee and we'll pay the shipping.

They're Exceptionally Portable - Promotional wristbands are easy to store and transport so they're perfect for trade shows, job fairs, political rallies, fundraising events, and conventions. They fit inside a standard size envelop. They're impervious to temperature change and moisture and they don't mind being smashed.

They're Terribly Comfortable - ... Just like Wesley's mask in "The Princess Bride" - that's why everyone is wearing them. Silicone wristbands are hypoallergenic, they won't stain because of oils in skin, they're stretchable to fit over most hands (although we have four sizes). Of course, let's not forget that people also like to wear silicone wristbands because they're more fashionable than a black leather mask.

Bottom Line: Promotional Wristbands Help Achieve Marketing Goals

If you want to make an impact without blowing your marketing budget, promotional wristbands are a cinch. They're extremely versatile and they appeal to almost all demographics. Design and order your custom wristbands today and you'll receive them within two weeks.